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I am excited to announce a new commission! Join the commission!

I will be writing my first orchestral concerto for Trombone and Orchestra that will be premiered with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra in March 2025. This commission is part of a consortium project. If you want to join the consortium and co-commission the piece,  send me a private message. Deadline to join the consortium is July 30th, 2024


My new piece for violin and harp will be premiered this fall as part of the commissioned works by the Gabriela Lena Frank Academy during the Bahlest Eeble Readings Composer Fellows 2024-2025. 

My new piece Comienzos for Trombone Quartet will be premiered at the 2024 International Trombone Festival at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

If you want to commission a new piece or an arrangement,  please send me a message, I am open for new collaborations for 2025!

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