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"Transitions" refers to different states of mind (different feelings and emotions). 

In "Meditativo" I was imagining someone walking through an unknown place, something that he/she needs to discover and it makes him/her thoughtful. 


In "Jugueton" or playful, I imagine being a kid playing, running, smiling, just being a kid. The rhythm goes from Bambuco rhythm, Colombian 6/8 feel, and sometimes waltz or Pasillo 3/4 feel.


"Lament" is a ballad, it brings a feeling of losing someone. As I mentioned, this was part of a song I wrote after Bob Brookmeyer died. The song is very expressive, it has slow and fast melodic intentions implying some kind of drama.


"Vuelta casa"

This song was more in the pasillo style typical in my home country Colombia, so for me it is like going back home with this music. There is a lot of movement, this is a very cantabile little movement with a strong ending.


Notes on the interpretation:

Transitions can be played in 2 ways: Meditativo-Jugueton-Vuelta a casa

or you can play all the 4 short movements.

For the ending (last measure), I give you the option to add the last bass trombone note on the second beat and the tenor trombone part has also an additional ending written. 


I hope you enjoy the music!


Transitions (Duet for Tenor and Bass Trombone)

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