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"Poems & Strings"
Music from the album VIDA PROFUNDA

Original lyrics and adaptation, music and arrangements by Carolina Calvache. 
Instrumentation: Strings, woodwinds, and Rhythm Section.

"Vida Profunda" feat. Martha Gomez. Lyrics based on the poem by Porfirio Barbajacob.
Released in 2020


"Childhood Retreat" feat. Aubrey Johnson and Michael Rodriguez on trumpet.
Lyrics based on the poem by Robert Duncan.
Released in 2020

"Te Conoci de nuevo" feat Ruben Blades, Jonathan Blake, Peter Slavov, Samuel torres.
Released in 2020

"Let me come with you" feat. Luba Mason
Lyrics based in the poem by Greek writer Yiannis Ritsos.
Released in 2020
Excerpt from the song 
" Sin un Despido" feat. Claudia Acuña.
Released in 2020
"La Ultima Vez" Duet with singer and guitarrist Camila Meza.
Released in 2016
"Volverme a Encontrar". Duet with singer Juana Luna.
Released in 2023


EPK- Album "Sotareño" feat. Antonio Sanchez, Jaleel Shaw, Michael Rodriguez, Hans Glawishnig and Ludwig Afonso. 
Released in 2013 

Concert feat, Jaleel shaw, Michael Rodriguez, Samuel Torres, and Hans Glawishnig.
Released in 2014

Carolina Jazz Quartet at Jazz al Parque Festival, Bogota Colombia. Feat David Binney on sax, Jorge Roeder on bass, and Henry Cole on drums.
Released in 2014
Carolina Calvache Quartet, "Melodia triste"
Released in 2013
Alex Lopez Quartet. "Hope"
Released in 2023 


Jazz composers at the Jazz Gallery.
Released in 2017
"June" at Guzman Hall, University of Miami.
Released in 2021


"El Pescador" Adaptation for studio Orchestra.
Released in 2023


"Trombonsillo" for trombone and piano, feat. Achilles Liarmakopoulos.
Released in 2017
"Ethereal" feat Achilles Liarmakopoulos.
Released in 2018
"Oportunidad" for trombone and piano feat. Achilles Liarmakopoulos.
Released in 2023
"Sunrise Suite" 
for Bass Trombone. 
Listen in minute 20:50
"Transitions" Trombone duet.
"Encuentros" for Bass Trombone and Piano. Commissioned by Sebastian Cifuentes.
Released in 2019
"Caminos" for tenor trombone and Piano feat. Shachar Israel.
Released in 2023
Sunrise Suite for Tuba and piano commissioned by Ricardo Carvalhoso.
"KAVA" for Trumpet and piano, commisioned by Juan Avendaño.
"Te agradezco" for piano solo
"Our Journey has advanced" for Violin and Baritone Voice. Lyrics based on the Emily Dickinson's poem. 
Released in 2023
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