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November 15 Philadelphia Tour People of Earth.

July 9th -  Nilko Andreas group.Kansas City

July 5th to 15th - University of Miami Summer Camp.

June 27th to July 3rd. Premier of the piece "Sunrise Suite"

Beklinge International Jazz Academy 

June 29-30 primate event. Chamber music of America 

June 26th- People of Earth Fundraising event feat. Patitucci.

June 20th- 24th private event NYC

May 26th- Sonora. Cali Colombia.

March 26th- April 2nd People of Earth with the LA Philharmonic

 -Premier of piece "Four generations" west coast.

 -Maternitá: a recital Seattle Opera

-March 20-  Ashland

-April 29 - Eugene

-March 13 and April 28 Portland

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